Hawkes Creek Farm


The farm was originally a 500-acre working plantation built in 1835. The farm is now 170 acres and contains an equestrian facility, a recreational use trail system, and the original house.

Captain Barnett received this property for his services in the military and developed the original farm in 1830. It was originally a 500-acre working plantation which had the main house, six slave houses and numerous outbuildings. Only one slave house remains. The Barnett family owned the property until 1995.

Adjacent to the equestrian facility are six tracts of land available for purchase, each with a secluded home site. The tracts feature restrictive covenants, design restrictions, tree and environmental impact restrictions, wetland conservation and use of four miles of trails.

Property owners have access to 125 acres of wooded trails and nature areas along with restricted development of surrounding property. Each tract overlooks an environmentally sensitive wetland area that will be preserved as a part of the development. The development offers an environment that is unique and compelling in its ability to offer a long lasting real estate investment. The six tracts of land available range in size from 5.2 to 21.8 acres.

The farm itself is bordered by Hawks Creek on the west, Hargrove Lake Road on the south, farm land on the east and approximately 500 acres of wooded area on the north. The rolling terrain created  by the descent to the creek makes for unique vistas and quiet protected home settings.